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Primary School Maths Games

In June 2012 I started work on a project for St. Oliver Plunkett Primary School, Toomebridge, Co. Antrim to develop several games for primary school children to help improve their maths, specifically their times tables. I have developed two games; "Tables Torture" and "Helicopter Maths".

Android Apps

Universal Lotto Number Generator

The Universal Lotto Number Generator is an app I have developed for Android devices which allows users to generate Lotto picks for one of the preset National Lotteries or define their own.
Now available on Google Play.

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Tables Torture / Times Table Challenge

Times Table Challenge is an Android version of my Primary School "Tables Torture" game. It includes all of the original features plus many new ones.
Available on Google Play.

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Here you can view the projects I have undertaken outside of my University studies.